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Become a member

Become a member

Over 200,000 people in Québec have chosen to change things by supporting the development of a funeral cooperative. Is this of interest to you?

In addition to supporting a collective enterprise that is owned by its members, you can take advantage of the benefits that come with membership.

In becoming a member of a funeral cooperative, you are choosing an enterprise that stands apart for its humane and professional approach. You are also choosing a local and fully Québec-based organization that promotes values such as mutual assistance, solidarity, fairness, and commitment to the community. Lastly, you are doing something concrete to ensure that the profits generated by the funeral industry enrich our own community and remain in local hands.

The benefits of membership in a cooperative

The first cooperatives were set up because many Québeckers were not able to pay for the services offered by funeral companies. Today, the context has changed, and cooperatives stand apart because of their humane, professional approach and the quality of their products and services. Every cooperative offers certain benefits to its members, which vary depending on the needs of the community where the cooperative is located.

Becoming a member of a funeral cooperative carries numerous financial and other benefits. Here are the main ones:

  1. An investment that is paid back! You spend $20 to become a lifetime member, and upon your death that $20 is returned to your estate, if that is what you want! Net cost for being a member your entire life and enjoying substantial benefits: $0.
  2. You qualify free of charge for the Solidarité program, which covers up to $2,500 in funeral expenses if you have the misfortune to lose a child under 14 years of age and no government program is applicable to you.
  3. The costs of funeral services are reduced by 10% to 20% (in paying $20 to become a member, you instantly save hundreds of dollars).
  4. You are choosing a local company that works with Québec suppliers.
  5. You have access to personalized services, as well as to rites adapted to your beliefs and wishes.
  6. You can participate in seminars and activities organized by your cooperative.
  7. You receive information and documentation free of charge on the different stages of mourning and other relevant subjects.
  8. If you move, your pre-arrangements are transferable at no cost to all the other funeral cooperatives, representing over 100 service points in almost every region of Québec.
  9. As a member, you are a co-owner of your funeral cooperative and you participate in its financial decisions and its development.
  10. You are confirming your values of mutual assistance, democracy, fairness and commitment to the community by supporting a local, fully Québec-based organization...

There you have 10 good reasons to become a member, and to encourage the people around you – family neighbours, friends, co-workers – to join us and take advantage of these substantial benefits as well.

I want to become a member

Becoming a member of most funeral cooperatives costs only $20, for life. You can become a member by contacting the funeral cooperative closest to you.

You can also contact the Federation of Funeral Cooperatives of Québec, of which all the cooperatives are members, which will indicate to you the funeral cooperative that is closest to where you live.

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