Sustainable development

Society’s values evolve in step with the major issues it faces, which are sometimes of global dimensions. The environment is now among the concerns of the funeral cooperatives of Quebec. The network wants to ensure that the cooperatives’ operations are conducted so far as possible with respect for the environment, creating as little impact as possible. With that aim in mind, the funeral cooperatives consider it their duty to reduce negative impacts, or to offset them by actions that have a positive effect on the sustainable development of the community.

Pioneers of sustainable development

By virtue of their nature and the values that inspire them, funeral cooperatives are already on the path of sustainable development. They have collectively decided to add an environmental dimension to their offering of products and services.

Consequently, in 2008 the Quebec network of funeral cooperatives initiated a process to adopt a sustainable development policy.

The sustainable development policy

The values of Quebec’s funeral cooperatives network naturally encourage us to contribute to the trend to associate economic development with a long-term concern for the survival of the planet and the well-being of the societies that populate it. That trend is sustainable development.

With that in mind, we have decided to adopt a sustainable development policy to guide our long-term evolution. Our intention with this policy is to position ourselves as the leader in sustainable development in the Quebec funeral industry. In addition to helping us apply the principles of sustainable development to all of the management practices and operations of our network, this policy will promote and support the adoption of a customized sustainable development policy in every cooperative.

Our vision

Our vision of sustainable development is articulated around six main themes: member support, new technologies, preservation of the environment, employee development, cooperative outreach, and leadership positioning.

  • Member support and perpetuation of the rites are central to our priorities.
  • Cutting-edge services employing the new technologies for disposition of remains and offering virtual funerals and cemeteries.
  • Management and activities which respect the environment, thanks to elimination of chemicals, use of alternative energy sources, and minimization of polluting emissions.
  • Loyal and well-developed employees, thanks to the training programs offered and the establishment of working conditions which respect the work-family balance.
  • Leadership positioning on sustainable development within the Canadian funeral sector and in our communities.
  • Cooperative outreach through promotion of cooperative values and strengthening of the funeral cooperatives network.

Our commitments

  • Provide for responsible management of cooperatives
    Take systematic account of the environmental, economic and social dimensions in our administrative management. Monitor our performance using adapted measurement indicators and report on that performance in a transparent manner.
  • Increase our positive contribution to society
    Innovate so as to constantly offer competitive services that benefit the entire population. We want to remain the guardian of funeral rituals, while also continuing to demystify death and educate people regarding the importance of making informed choices about funeral services. To those ends, we will continue our education and awareness activities. We will add the awareness component to sustainable development. We will continue to promote cooperative values.
  • Promote responsible communication and the engagement of our stakeholders
    Set up long-term consultation processes with all of our stakeholders: members, clients, suppliers, municipal and provincial authorities, local communities and associations, employees and the succession.
  • Offer a safe and fulfilling workplace
    Promote a safe, healthy and fulfilling workplace in which employees can develop their skills, their independence and their sense of responsibility. Promote participation by all our employees in applying sustainable development in their activities.
  • Reduce the environmental footprint
    Minimize the environmental impacts of our operations. Use our resources responsibly and manage them effectively. Demonstrate innovation and make maximum use of technologies for improving environmental performance and reducing environmental hazards. Promote these principles with our partners.
  • Promote exemplary performance in sustainable development
    Participate in sectoral, local and international initiatives that promote the principles of sustainable development in the cooperative funeral sector.

The Heritage project

The Heritage project is the first building block in our sustainable development policy. Through it, we want to leave a healthier environment by planting trees and cancelling out the environmental impact of our activities.

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