The federation | Fédération des Coopératives Funéraires du Québec

The federation

The Québec funeral cooperatives movement, in a few figures:

  • 20 member funeral cooperatives
  • over 240,000 members
  • nearly 100 points of service
  • over 700 employees
  • 315 volunteer administrators, people known for their community engagement
  • consolidated sales of $60 million
  • $347 million in assets
  • over 15,000 families served every year

The Federation of Funeral Cooperatives of Québec is the umbrella structure for all the funeral cooperatives in Québec. Founded in 1987, the Federation currently has 20 member cooperatives all across Québec.

These 20 cooperatives today handle over 90% of the deaths managed by all the funeral cooperatives of Québec. Its head office is located in Sherbrooke.

Its general meeting is comprised of representatives of each of the member cooperatives. Decisions are made democratically on the basis of one cooperative, one vote, regardless of the size of any particular cooperative’s membership or sales.

Our mission

To organize funeral cooperatives for the purpose of developing common services and promoting cooperative development in the field of funeral services.