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Funeral arrangements

Today's pace of life, the dispersal of families, and the desire to spare survivors a difficult task are all reasons for planning your funeral arrangements or those of a family member. This also affords an opportunity to consider the needs and desires of those you will be leaving behind. Whatever your decision and whatever formula you choose, it is important to talk with your family and let them know what you want for your funeral.


Funeral pre-planning (prearrangement) is the best-known method. For this, you choose your arrangements and pay for them at the current rate.

There are many advantages to this formula:

  • It prevents your family from having to make decisions while in an emotional state, and spares them numerous formalities and procedures which are often painful at so trying a time.
  • You decide on the type of funeral you want: traditional, with visitation followed by interment or cremation, or any other mode of disposition.
  • It is also a sensible investment. All of the money you pay is placed on deposit with a recognized trustee. In other words, you are assured of receiving services tomorrow at today's prices.

With no obligation on your part, your funeral cooperative can help you assess your needs and select the funeral rites that are suitable to you.

Your prearrangement moves when you do

Many people hesitate to make pre-arrangements because they are not sure if they will be living in the same location in five or ten years' time.

Good news! Thanks to a reciprocity agreement concluded among 21 funeral cooperatives in Québec, it is now possible to enjoy the economic advantages available to the members of every cooperative that has signed the agreement, and to permit the penalty-free transfer of pre-arrangements from one cooperative to another.

If you move to any of the communities served by these 21 cooperatives (present in almost all regions with more than 100 points of service), you will be able to receive from that establishment all of the services covered in your prearrangement.

The record of funeral wishes

This formula allows you to state your wishes for your funeral services whenever you want, without having to pay any fee at all. It will be up to your estate to settle the costs, when the time comes. This document does not have force of law, and is simply an indication to your family. Unlike prearrangement, it offers no protection against price increases. Your funeral cooperative has some very practical forms that will enable you to make your record of wishes without forgetting anything.

Before defining your funeral wishes or making a prearrangement, we suggest that you read the text on funeral rites, as an aid in making your decision.

Think about those left behind

Do not hesitate to bring up these subjects with the people you will be leaving behind. This offers a way to ensure that the arrangements you make are also suitable to their needs.

That is why we advise you to suggest and not impose a course of action that is consistent with your beliefs and desires. It is also a responsible approach to inform your family of the arrangements you have made in the event of death, so that those dear to you can see your respect and love for them in the plans you have made.

Contact us

To find out more about these services, simply make an appointment with our funeral planning advisers, who will be able to provide you with information under no pressure and in a manner that respects your choices.

Your funeral cooperative has respectful, attentive staff who will take pains to provide you with whatever you require for your funeral services.